Frame-Based Digital Watermarking

What is the BluMark Frame-Based Forensic Video Watermarking System?

The BluMark frame-based forensic video watermarking system provides content creators and rights holders the ability to forensically watermark any length and type of video content with automated blind payload detection in seconds.

How does the BluMark Frame-Based Forensic Video Watermarking System work?

BluMark’s distributed embedding process operates by rapidly analyzing and watermarking each frame in real-time, embedding highly robust unique identifiers across a spatial-temporal grid. Watermark golden eye tested for imperceptibility, payload survival successful across all transcode, stream, quality, and geometric attacks.

Case Study: MarcoPolo Learning

A global leader in children’s learning, sought BluMark frame based forensic video watermarking to service its pre-release educational content, for their global partners in production and broadcast.

MarcoPolo Specification:

  • Forensically watermark short form animation < 30 seconds through full length episodes and lessons.
  • Rapid, automated blind detection in seconds using any length
    of video with a robust,
    invisible payload imperceptible to viewers.
  • Commercially viable economics for protecting original content
  • Simple to integrate into any customer pipeline.

As an educational company, MarcoPolo’s content ranged from 30 second content to full length episodes. MarcoPolo therefore required a robust, imperceptible payload that could be inserted in to an array of content types of varying lengths. Another important aspect for MarcoPolo is blind, automated detection using various lengths of watermarked video, understanding that the watermark must survive and be retrievable from trimmed lengths and regions of interest. However, the most compelling factors in MarcoPolo’s decision in choosing BluMark was its economical, simple to integrate SDK & API and BluMark’s flexible programmatic and web app access allowing simple integration in little is a day.

BluMark provides MarcoPolo with the ability to rapidly watermark content of any length using two methods: Programmatic and Web-App Access.